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Metavue charges a $2.00/hr. margin for engagements with a gross bill rate under $80.00/hr., and $2.50/hr. for gross bill rates at or above $80.00/hr. The State Vendor Management System is administered by Knowledge Services. Knowledge Services charges 1.5% on all payments as the contracts administrator. 

Getting Started
Recruiters/Staffing Companies: In order to submit candidates for contract opportunities, you will need to have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place with Metavue. Once in place you can begin responding to solicitations. Your relationship with Metavue will be Corp-to-Corp, and it will be your responsibility to manage contractor compensation. 

You can download a copy of the MSA here. Just sign and return via email, we will return a countersigned copy.

Independent Contractors: If you are an independent contractor, and either a US Citizen or Green Card holder, you can work directly with Metavue in pursuing State IT consulting engagements. You decide if your relationship with Metavue will be Corp-to-Corp or 1099. We do not work with consultants on a W-2 basis. Non-citizens/Green Card holders can apply for contract opportunities, but must do so through their employer. Independent contractors will need to have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place with Metavue prior to the start of an engagement. To keep things simple, you can return the signed MSA with your first application. 

You can download a copy of the MSA here. Just sign and return via email, we will return a countersigned copy.

Submission Guidelines
There are important rules, expectations and guidelines you should be aware of in pursuing engagements through Metavue. 

Recruiters are expected to vet candidates by verifying availability, quality of references, and the communication skills of the candidate it submits.  They should be prepared to develop a skills matrix that is not just an "Expert" on all measures -- if this happens on a regular basis hiring managers feel the assessment is not being done honestly, that Metavue is gaming the system, and will complain to the contract administrator.  

There is also a 2000 character space for a personal statement.  It will be important to write some sort of statement for submissions, even if just a few sentences.  This is often used as a screen to see how well the candidate communicates. This statement should appear at the top of the candidates resume, too. 

Submissions should be sent directly to jobs@metavue.com. These should include:

  1. the completed skills matrix 
  2. a current resume
  3. two verified references 
  4. The gross hourly rate for the submission, loaded for VMS fees and Metavue’s margin. Remember, the 1.5% VMS fee and Metavue's margin will be deducted from the gross hourly rate you stipulate. For example, if a submission has a gross hourly rate of $50.00, the net rate to you would be $50.00 - $0.75 (VMS Fees) - $2.00 (Metavue Margin) = $47.25

Submissions will be entered into the VMS system, dotStaff, by Metavue. Metavue will submit those deemed, in its judgment, to be the best candidates for an opportunity. You will always be notified in advance if you or your candidate will be submitted for an opportunity. 

Resumes should be formatted consistently, checked for spelling and grammar and general quality of communication. 

To avoid confusion and streamline communication, all resumes must indicate the candidate is being presented by Metavue Corp., phone number 608-577-0642.  

Be aware in-person interviews are often required. Local candidates are always preferred, unless it is a specialty position like PeopleSoft.  

If there is a request for an interview, Metavue will coordinate directly with you.  This is important since managers have their own style for setting up interviews. Some schedule through dotStaff, others will email or call Metavue directly.

Potential Penalty
Engagements can last several years, and state agencies want to avoid people leaving in the middle of an engagement. Look carefully at requisitions – some stipulate that if a consultant leaves before the end of an engagement, an agency can ask for 2-3 weeks of unbilled time.  It will be important that this be communicated to anyone you sign on for an engagement. Metavue will only disperse payments for monies received by Knowledge Services.